Water Cremation Units

Pet Water Cremations offers advanced water cremation units designed to make the water cremation process efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly. Our water cremation units use a process called alkaline hydrolysis, significantly reducing the carbon footprint compared to traditional cremation methods.


Key Features of Our Cremation Units

  • Low Environmental Impact: Water cremation generates as little as 5% of the carbon footprint of traditional cremations, making it a more sustainable choice.

  • Efficient and Safe Process: Our units use a warm water bath with potassium hydroxide to facilitate the cremation process, ensuring that individual remains can be respectfully returned to the owner.

  • Interchangeable Components: The units feature interchangeable pumps and heater units, allowing for easy replacements in the rare event of a technical failure, ensuring continuous operation.

  • Flexible Configurations: Available in single or 3-phase configurations, our units are designed to meet varying operational needs.

  • Quick Cycle Times: With cycle times under 8 hours, our units can accommodate 2-3 runs per day, enhancing operational efficiency.

  • Automated Chemical Addition: Potassium hydroxide is automatically added to the unit to ensure accurate dosing and minimise handling, improving safety and consistency.

  • Fully Automated Operation: The system allows you to set the body mass added to the unit, with water and potassium hydroxide automatically added to maximise efficiency and performance on each cycle.

  • Remote Access and Support: Equipped with WiFi connection for remote access, our units offer service contracts to ensure ongoing support and maintenance.


Our cremation units not only provide a more gentle process compared to heat cremation but also ensure a high level of safety and efficiency. By integrating automated features, we reduce running costs and maximise user safety, minimising your OH&S obigations. The Pet Water Cremations units offer a superior alternative to other units available in the market.

For more information on our water cremation units and how they can benefit your services, please contact us. We are committed to providing environmentally responsible solutions that honour the memory of your beloved pets.

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