About Us

Pet Water Cremations is an Adelaide-owned and operated business.

End of life decisions are always difficult and emotional when we experience it for one of our loved pets.

Our loved pets form an integral part of our family, so having to say goodbye is a very difficult time.

Pet Water Cremations can offer your pet's ashes returned to you for scattering or returned in a memorial Urn to allow you and your family closure and a way to celebrate the life of your loved companion.

Pet Water Cremations uses a process called Aquamation, which, unlike traditional cremation, simply accelerates nature's natural processes after death in a warm water bath.

It is a gentle, peaceful process that allows the return of your pet's remains.

At Pet Water Cremations, we are also passionate about the environment and your pet's legacy.

Traditional Cremations have a heavy impact on the environment. Aquamation has about 1/10th of the carbon footprint of traditional cremations.

In addition, Pet Water Cremations is Accredited Carbon Neutral.

We are the only carbon-neutral accredited Pet Cremation Service that we are aware of in the World.

At Pet Water Cremations we will treat your lost companion with dignity and respect, with guaranteed integrity of ashes return.

For more information please contact us or ask your Veterinarian about the gentle, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional Cremation.

"Happiness comes in waves. It’ll find you again."

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