Carbon Neutral Program


We are accredited carbon neutral. We will offset all carbon emissions from the commencement of operations?

How does it work?

We are audited for carbon production by the Carbon Reduction Institute (CRI) after which we buy carbon credits in approved schemes (see below) to offset the carbon we produce.

There are many different types of climate change mitigation projects which can achieve carbon savings and Pet Water Cremations buy carbon credits in the Indian biomass scheme.

This project invests in renewable energy creating clean energy from biomass

CRI prefers to invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects all over the world in preference to the traditional forestry/revegetation options. Carbon sinks, such as tree stocks, present risk whereby the emissions can be reversed back into the atmosphere.

CRI currently purchases wind, biomass, hydro generation and cook-stove carbon offsets in China, India, Kenya and Cambodia. These are through independently verified schemes. For more information visit the CRI website or the Pet Water Cremations Low Carbon Economy page.

Pet Water Cremations Certificate

Pet Water Cremations buy carbon credits in the Indian biomass scheme

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